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Status in COO: Ongoing

Total Written: 200+ Chapters
Year of publishing: 2021
Language: English
Author: BLACKangelmarl
Publishers: Webnovel

Webnovel ~ System

Documented on 22/07/2021 by ThunderGod95

by BLACKangelmarl

Fendrel who was on his way home after buying a food on a grocery store, suddenly felt something had hit his head and lost consciousness. The next moment, when he regained consciousness. He found himself in the middle of a Forest, when he was thinking and panicking what to do.

Suddenly something rang in his head.

[DING: System will start the integration process…

1%… 30%… 60%… 100%.

Welcome to conqeror!

Please select you’re species:

— Human

— Elf

— Demon

— Lizardman

— Ork

— Angel]

Fendrel got scared first, because of the sudden voice in his head, then he smile like a demon. 'Hahahaha, thank you god, this is what i want, a golden finger' after his celebration, he turned his attention to the thing that floating in front of him.

«Conqeror… this is a popular game in earth. I always play this game a lot» fendrel said with excitement.



Male Protagonist
Fantasy Creatures
Weak to Strong
Game Elements

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